Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Christina Thompson

Well im 19teen beginning my life slowly at a time and not rushing in to anything major. I think this is an age to learn and experience life.

Im the Baby of my Parents children. I have an older sister and brother. My hobbies I like to doodle which means draw. I recently added a new picture that i did of my Friend in my photo's so if you want you can check it out.

I also like to write which you already now that because I told you already. I also like going on the computer browsing for new things. Recent activities I went shopping with my friend @ Wal-mart we were looking at some stuff. I have one major Friend I talk too where i am at...We do alot together if her Husband does not tell her what to do...I used to alway's be at her house back in 06' and our friendship was ripped from stuff that happened because of an x firance now we barely see each alot and a few from when i went to school. Thats why I say I like meeting new people and learning new cultures. Where i am in the united states...I live in Ozark Al and it hard to find a Job, but working on that.

Nah, buat temen-temen Indonesia yang mau mengenal Zenbae dan Christina Thompson, silahkan link di bawah ini: ( Zenbae ) ( Christina )

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